Bluetooth Remote Control 5

This bluetooth remote control is a replacement or extra remote control for the (Cosmic - Gravity - Jupiter - Luna - Verde) Stratos Ceiling Extractors and this current remote control has now replaced the older pint shaped version.

Please note your hood must have already had a bluetooth remote control for this remote to be able to work. Stratos ceiling hoods with older style remotes are not compatible with these current bluetooth remotes. 
The remote will need to be paired and will not automatically pick up the sensor in your cooker hood. Please see below pairing instructions - 

  • Turn the hood off at the mains power supply.
  • Turn the hood back on at the mains power supply. 
  • Press the middle button on the remote control twice in succession.

This remote control can only be charged wirelessly via a wireless charging station (optional extra), or any form of fast wireless charger if you have one.

The charging stand will include the charger, and a cable to connect the stand to a USB plug and can also be used as a mobile phone wireless charger if required when not charging your remote control.

Bluetooth Remote Control 5

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