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Warranties must be registered within 31 days of installation. 

Limited Warranty Applies For Unregistred Appliances.

Please ensure you keep hold of your email confirmation as proof of registration, this will automatically be sent after registration is complete.

What Is Covered By Your Warranty After Registration?

What Is Covered?


Switch / PCB

LED Light Strips

Transformer / LED Driver (12 Months)

Metal Grease Filters, Charcoal Filters, Remote Controls and screw bulbs are not covered by warranty.


What You Need To Register

Model Number - Located behind the metal filters

Serial Number - Located behind the metal filters

Date of Purchase

Date of Installation - Must be registered within 31 days of installation

Your Address Details


How Long Will It Take?

It only takes a few moments.

Taking the time now to register will mean that we can provide a better service to you in the future knowing the products you own


This Warranty is exclusive and limited to repair or replace policy, at the discretion of Luxair Cooker Hoods Limited. replacement. In no event will Luxair Cooker Hoods Limited be liable to the buyer, purchaser or any other person or entity for any extra costs, expenses, losses, loss of profits, or any incidental losses consequential or otherwise.

Luxair Cooker Hoods Limited reserves the right to change, modify or improve the design of the product without assuming any obligations or liabilities relating to any product previously manufactured by Luxair Cooker Hoods Limited.


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