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" We don't always get it right, but be assured we will always put it right "

Product returns

Bought a 60cm flat black cooker hood. Originally purchased a 150cm ducting kit to go with the unit. On further inspection of the route for the extraction I realised that I had ordered the wrong size ducting. This all happened before the covid-19 lockdown. I contacted the company and they we’re extremely understanding. There was no quibble and provided my replacement parts on return of the originals. I cannot praise this company enough for the speed and friendly customer service that they provide me with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them in future.

Fantastic service.....strongly recommend

We bought a cooker hood April 2013 (quite big, having 4 filter plates and finished in steel, so somewhat industrial-looking - but for domestic use). It had a 5 year warranty and we registered the purchase and received two further years extension, so covered until late April 2020. Late June 2020 it started to take great delight in switching itself on maximum at 3.00am and again and again. After a few nights I disconnected it.

Hard to complain after 7 years if a product goes faulty so I took the control panel to bits myself and guessed that the fault had to be in the circuit board. The motor and all parts were still perfect so I phoned to order a replacement part and a recording told me to email instead (Coronavirus - staff working from home).

I did so and Hollie emailed back to me within 10 minutes to say that as the warranty had only recently expired, Luxair would send an engineer as a good will gesture.

This morning, exactly 7 days after first contact, James arrived and not only repaired the hood but installed the latest controls to include auto shut-off and timer. So for zero charge Luxair have upgraded / updated the hood even though it was out of warranty after 7 years. How could such service possibly be beaten?

Hollie's emails were polite and friendly and James the engineer who arrived to do the job was excellent. Luxair's policy towards their customers has to be complimented - they knew I was a domestic customer not trade or commercial and they still repaired / updated the hood knowing that they were losing a potential sale of a complete replacement unit. Great ethics.

A First Class Company we will use again.

Our 8 year old cooker hood stopped working. I contacted Luxair and was immediately given help and advice. We had just started lockdown but Hollie (customer Services) talked me through the problem and even did the transaction to buy the part it required. She also allowed a second part to be sent free of charge at the same time in case it was needed. It was!. She explained the the company have engineers who would normally come to our assistance but due to Lockdown the service had been put on hold. We asked a total of three local electricians to install the parts but all three were unable to get everything to work. We again contacted Luxair and Holly showed empathy and was first class in the way she helped us through this problem. Today one of their engineers (Tim) installed the part and was also very pleasant with his approach. The work was carried out with care and everything was taken away for disposal despite us offering to take it away. Our experience with Luxair is one we will pass on to friends and family. We are definitely using them for our new kitchen and bathroom work. This was good old fashioned service. Considering we live on the south coast and they operate from Yorkshire the service was first class, and I do not hesitate in recommending them 100%. Thank you Hollie and Luxair.

What a wonderful Company

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful company this is. I’ve never encountered such help and kindness from a commercial company. In January this year the switch component on my 2005 LuxAir Cooker Hood stopped working. I contacted a local electrical repair shop, a retailer I had used numerous times before. I cannot begin to tell you how inept they were. I had to keep chasing them and eventually they arrived but with the wrong part just prior to lockdown. Even after lockdown they said they couldn’t get the part and just didn’t want to know. I then went on the LuxAir website and discovered, after an extremely helpful chat with the company, that I could indeed still get the required component for my cooker hood, which I duly ordered and was delighted to find fitted correctly. Then began the second stage of my saga. I rang my local electrical repair shop again to see if they could fit it for me (they didn’t get back to me), tried several fitters and electricians but no one seemed to want the job. In desperation my husband decided to try to fit it himself. However, upon inspection, we realised that the retaining bracket for the component, inadvertently had been taken away by our local electrical shop when trying to fit the wrong part. In desperation I contacted LuxAir again to see if I could purchase the missing part and if we could get written guidance on how to do the job ourselves and got a reply from the wonderful helpful Hollie, who offered to send out one of their technicians to do the job free of charge, which they duly did. I give my grateful thanks to LuxAir, Hollie and Jamie for this act of kindness in resolving my 6-month ongoing saga. I can not recommend this company and their after care customer service highly enough and would recommend that you purchase from this first class company.

Margery Earl

Excellent service the engineer Jamie…

Excellent service the engineer Jamie was so helpful & sorted our problem out without any fuss. First class