Remote Motor Box For Ceiling Hoods

These motor boxes are designed to be fitted in-line with your ducting. We offer these for use on the Anzi, Tolvi and Synergy ceiling hoods.

Remote Motor Boxes can be ducted up to 6 metres in total. For example: They can be ducted 3 meters from the hood then a remaining 3 meters to the outside vent on the wall.

Please note these motor boxes must be installed on minimum 6" / 150mm round ducting or rectangular equivalent. Our equivalent ducting is 220mm x 90mm. This will allow for the highest extraction rate possible for the hood and aid in reducing noise from the motor.

Inline Removable Motor Kit

Inline Removable Motor Kit

Removable Inline Motor Kit for Anzi, Tolvi Synergy Ceiling Hoods Only ..


£159.00 £199.00 Ex Tax: £132.50

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