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Airtight Self-Seal Ducting 

Please note most of our hoods have a motor exhaust of 150mm. We supply reducer collars should you need to use smaller ducting.  

We highly recommend using the largest possible size ducting on every installation to maximise air flow. 

Please check each product specification guide to determine what size duct you require.

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Aluminium Ducting Tape

Kitchen Extractor Ducting Chart

150mm Automatic Airtight Wall Vent

In todays world of energy-optimised construction or if you are simply looking at energy saving options around your home, Luxairs automatic airtight wall vent is the solution that you are looking for.

Our heat retention system closes the opening of the building when the system is not in use, thus it is the perfect solution for securely sealing your property in energy efficiency houses, or if you are simply looking to upgrade less efficient existing ducting systems you may have.

Blower door tested, the elegant, shapely stainless steel cover lies flush on the outer wall when closed and an all-round seal prevents heat loss, thus saving heating energy.

This simple yet effective airtight wall vent, is opened by the air pressure of the extractor system when turned on. Robust, low-maintenance springs and joints ensure a purely mechanical, reliable and quiet opening/closing with no electrical connection necessary.

Even in strong winds, nothing rattles. Guide vanes allow the air to flow to the outside with little pressure loss. This reduces the power consumption of the extractor connected and lowers the noise level.

Luxairs heat retention systems, in connection with the Thermobox 150 are perfectly suited for energy efficient houses and energy-saving measures you may wish to introduce to your home. The models are available with diameters of 125mm and 150mm.

Naturally, at Luxair, you will find everything else you need to suit your requirements for ducting components and systems to make full use of your cooker hood. 

Product Specification Guide Installation Instructions
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150mm (6") Automatic Airtight Heat Retention Wall Vent

  • £329.00
  • £199.00

  • Ex Tax: £165.83

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