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Airtight Self-Seal Ducting 

Please note most of our hoods have a motor outlet of 150mm. You will require a reducer collar to use System125 ducting.  

We highly recommend using the largest possible size ducting on every installation to maximise air flow. 

Please check each product specification guide to determine what size duct you require.

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Kitchen Extractor Ducting Chart
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Aluminium Ducting Tape

The THERMOBOX cartridge fits within the ducting pipe as illustrated above. The vent, pipe and wall mount are not included with this product*

An extractor air solution and optimum heat protection are no contradiction - when you have a THERMOBOX! The idea of using air as an insulating medium, is as simple as it is ingenious. You can also retrofit this purely mechanical backpressure shutter solution.

It is commonly known that extracted air is better than recirculated air, but one shortcoming of many extractor air solutions is the wall conduct or wall vent – the component that guides the exhaust air through the house wall. Old or simple new models provide insufficient protection against heat loss and on cold or windy days, valuable heat energy is lost through this leak, especially when the cooker hood is not in use.

If your house is prone to windy conditions, then this unit will put an end to noisy flapping outside vents, thus also preventing the cold air returning back into your kitchen too.

The multi-award-winning THERMOBOX® from Luxair finally puts an end to this. Its operating principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the ShutterTec retention system consists of three flaps arranged one behind the other and sealed by a magnet. When closed, these form two chambers which trap the air and since air is a poor heat conductor, the THERMOBOX® insulates up to 20 times better than normal wall vents.  

To be precise: the U-value is 2.2 W/m²K and is Blower-Door certified (required opening pressure >65 Pa). Even in strong wind nothing rattles, and cold outside air stays where it belongs - outside!

The THERMOBOX® is available in a diameter of 125 or 150 millimetres and this clever award winning component can subsequently be installed in existing systems you may already have. This self-opening valve, will open and close when your extractor is turned on or off, this will save on any cold air returning back into your room.

No electrical connection is necessary and it simply fit into either a 125mm ducting pipe or 125mm semi rigid aluminium hose.

(please note that this product doesn't currently fit inside our own 125mm 1 mtr ducting pipe and a 125mm semi rigid length will be required to house this 125mm version).

Thermo box fits inside our rigid aluminium hose

125mm (5") - Heat Retention Cartridge

  • £81.00

  • Ex Tax: £67.50

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