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Airtight Self-Seal Ducting 

Please note most of our hoods have a motor outlet of 150mm. You will require a reducer collar to use System100 ducting.  

We highly recommend using the largest possible size ducting on every installation to maximise air flow. 

Please check each product specification guide to determine what size duct you require.

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Kitchen Extractor Ducting Chart
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Aluminium Ducting Tape

100mm To 100mm Round To Round Pipe Connector

100mm Round Pipe Connector

This part is used for connecting two 100mm round ducting pipes to each other on a flat ducting run.

These patented connectors are self-seal push fit leaving a secure air seal tight joint with no ducting tape required.

Round rigid ducting provides superior airflow performance vs. comparative size rectangular or flexible duct.

This clip is part of our System100 range, commonly referred to as 4 inch ducting due to the round pipe being 100mm / 4" wide. This system includes both 100mm x 60mm rectangular ducting and 100mm round ducting as they both have similar airflow rates. We supply adapters should you need to switch between these sizes:

Round to Flat Adapter 

Round to Flat Elbow

This is part number 10 from the quick link chart.

100mm (4") Round To Round Pipe Connector

  • £5.00

  • Ex Tax: £4.17

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