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Charcoal Filter Round 8 (2 Per Pack)

Product Code: CHAR-FILTER-RND-8

We recommend with this filter to change every 3 - 4 Months or 50 hours of use for best performance. This will help keep your motor unclogged and free from odours,and to prolong the life of your motor.

This filter uses high quality and efficient granular carbon, generating and odour reduction of 85-90%

Key Features:

  • Removes Grease and Helps Keep Your Kitchen Free From Odours
  • Easy to Install Key Hole Fittings - Simply Twist On
  • 1 Pack of 2 Filters

Fits Models:

Essential Information

  • Charcoal filters are also know as Carbon Filters, Anti Odour Filter, Extraction Filter, Active Filter.
  • You will only need these if your cooker hood is not venting through an external wall and you are recirculating the air.
  • Charcoal filters contain activated charcoal scattered throughout the black mesh filters. These charcoal particles are incredibly effective at adsorption. This is when anything organic (such as the oils from cooking) that comes into contact with the charcoal will get stuck and held by it. 
  • Filters are not covered by warranty

Charcoal Filter Round 8 ( 2 x per pack )

  • £12.00

  • Ex Tax: £10.00

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