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L: 317mm

If your cooker hood metal grease filters have become tired or damaged, you can now purchase them direct form Luxair. Metal grease filters can be placed in your dishwasher upright as you would a plate* This will remove the built up grease and make them look like new again, please do not use abrasive cleaners on either your filters or cooker hood (please refer to cleaning instructions for further information in your manual)

Before you order these filters, you will need to measure the width and the depth of each filter you require, For example, 330mm x 250mm are the required dimensions.

This price is for 1 filter*

Essential Information

The filters must be washed at least one a month with hot water and detergent.
If washing in a dishwasher, make sure to avoid substances with thinners, solvents, hydrochloric acid, bleach, alcohol or abrasive substances. Please do not wash the filters on a temperature higher than 60 degrees.

Avoid alkaline dishwasher detergents (with a pH value higher than 7). Depending on the cleaning agent used, cleaning the filter in a dishwasher can cause permanent discoloration to the surface. However, this will not affect the functioning of the filter in any way. After cleaning, leave the filter to dry on an absorbent surface before putting it back in place.

Filters are not covered by warranty

Metal Grease Filter 317mm x 313mm

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