Key Features:

  • Powerful Energy Saving 800m³/hr Brushless motor
  • A++ Rated Energy Efficiency
  • Optional Remote Motor Box
  • Remote Control
  • Bright 4000° Kelvin 6.6w LED Strip Light
  • Dimmer Function
  • Simple Clip System For Ease Of Fitting
  • Electronic Controls + Timer Function
  • 3 Speeds + Powerful Boost Mode
  • 7 years Parts & Labour (Subject to Registration)
  • Brushless Energy Motors - Reduce noise by up to 3dB(A) and increase hood efficiency by 30% even in the presence of a long stretch of ducting, so even the fastest extractor hoods stay quieter across all power levels.

  • The Brushless BLDC Motor - Guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficiency. They consume 85% less than conventional electric motors at low-medium speeds (in kW/h), and 35% less at high speeds. They are also the most silent-running motors on the market today and guarantee stable performance under all operating conditions. The motor also makes the extraction more precise in speed and are more durable than a traditional brush motor.

  • Energy Saving
    Generally, the efficiency of brushed motors is limited within the range of 75% to 80%, Brushless motors are capable of up to 90% efficiency.
    The sound and heat produced by a brushed motor essentially represent power losses from the device, taking energy away from the rotor. In brushless motors, the amounts of sound and heat produced are greatly reduced, resulting in significantly higher efficiency. There is still some energy loss due to air friction as the rotor rapidly rotates, but this is minimal.

  • Quieter Motor Operation
    Friction and electrical arcing between brushes and commutator plates in brushed motors produce substantial motor noise. In brushless motors, the job of commutation is carried out by an electronic circuit, resulting in much quieter operation at a lower pitch of sound.
    Although the rapid rotation of the rotor still creates the characteristic “whirring” sound, it is still a huge improvement over traditional brushed motors.

  • Longer Life Motor
    The brushes in brushed motors are gradually worn away with use since they are in constant contact with the. Brushless motors do not face this problem, which drastically increases the life span of the motor.

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90cm x 50cm - Brushless Motor Ceiling Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel


Kitchen island ceiling cooker hood all stainless steel

60cm Anzi With Slimline 'A' Rated Motor Remote Control Operated Energy Efficient 1.2w LED Lights 4000° Kelvin Powerful 1200m³/hr Motor
Slimline Motor Remote Control 1 x 6.6w LED Light Strip 800m³/hr Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor Ceiling Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel

The beautifully designed 90cm x 50cm SYNERGY ceiling cooker hood, completed in a brushed stainless steel finish and accompanied by a singular 6.6w LED energy efficient strip light to illuminate your cooking area below, is designed to be fitted above any sized kitchen island or kitchen setting. This discreet and sleek 90cm ceiling cooker hood will make sure any medium or large sized kitchen will be odour free and clean before you know it. For any lingering odours, or if you are preparing everything for your sunday dinner, simply use the 'boost mode' to cleanse the air on maximum power for 10 mins, before it will automatically revert back down to speed 2 setting for you

The SYNERGY, like all of our ceiling hoods, is so easy to install and is designed to be installed flush within your ceiling. It is discreet and space-saving, while simultaneously fitting elegantly into your kitchen design. Either pop it into your ceiling or simply lower a box section on your existing ceiling and fit the hood in the same way. With a dimmable light function as an option, you can set the mood for any dinner party with family or friends.

Available in 2 colour choices of White or Stainless Steel, you are sure to find the perfect sleek look for your new designer kitchen.

The SYNERGY ceiling hood, now also includes our new A++ rated brushless slimline motor, and as an added bonus, this can also be removed and relocated with our remote motor kit option, allowing you to place the motor in an adjacent room or area, like a cupboard, loft, garage, or box section to reduce noise within your kitchen area if required. 

The Remote Motor Kit is a seperate purchase, please see REMOTE-MOTOR-BOX-BRUSHLESS to add this option.

Please view our 'Ducting and Components' section before making a purchase too, so you know which components are available and to add any additional equipment you may require to help you duct out your ceiling hood correctly. 

For optimum performance, this hood must be installed on a minimum 6" / 150mm round ducting or our 220mm x 90mm rectangular equivalent. This will allow for the highest extraction rate possible for your hood and aid in reducing noise from the motor. We recommend that this hood is not installed higher than 2 metres above your hob. 

Synergy - 90cm x 50cm Slimline Brushless Motor Ceiling Hood - Stainless Steel

  • £1,229.00
  • £849.00

  • Ex Tax: £707.50

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