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Introducing your allies in the kitchen -  the Academy Chef-Set Stainless Steel Block with 5 knives (23cm x 14cm x 37cm).

The secret of a successful dish lies in preparation and precision and this is the philosophy with which we designed our Academy Knives.

Made of brushed stainless steel and a forged monoblock, perfectly balanced and with extraordinary sharpening, the non-slip grip allows use in total safety whilst preparing your meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Multipurpose knife - stainless steel monobloc, forged, satin-finished. Thanks to its perfect balance it is ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in total safety.

Chef knife - monobloc stainless steel knife, forged, satin finish. Ideal for cutting, slicing and chopping.

Bread knife - stainless steel, forged and satin-finished monobloc serrated knife, ideal for cutting all types of bread but also meat and vegetables.

Santoku knife - stainless steel forged and satin-finished monobloc knife, typically Japanese, whose name translated into the language of origin means three virtues, is ideal for cutting, filleting or boning raw meat and fish with excellent smoothness. The honeycomb cut creates air pockets to prevent the fine or soft slices from sticking to the blade;

Paring knife - monobloc forged and satin-finished stainless steel knife, is ideal for peeling and precision work with small or rounded fruits and vegetables.

The Academy Chef Series, stands out for its manageability and exclusive design that can be combined with any context.

Recommended by the Michelin-starred Chef Bruno Barbieri.

Knife & Block Set in Stainless Steel

  • £169.99
  • £99.00

  • Ex Tax: £82.50

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