Ducting For Ceiling Hoods With External Motors

150mm Flat Ducting For Use With External Ceiling Hood Motors

Ducting Tip!!!

Please only use 150mm flat or round ducting when installing outside cooker hood motors, keep the run as short as possible, we recommend a maximum run of 6.6 meters when running the duct flat and a maximum of 2 x 90° bends, When using the flat roof or pitched roof motor options keep the ducting to a maximum of 5 meters straight up from the cooker hood, remember the more 90° bends and elbows you use the less efficient your extraction will be.

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 Please never use 4" or 5" ducting on any ceiling extractor fans unless otherwise stated in the instruction manual 

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Aluminium Duct Tape

Kitchen Extractor Ducting Chart

Aluminium Foil Ducting Tape 50mm x 45m

Aluminium Foil Ducting Tape 50mm x 45m

Aluminium Ducting Tape 1 Roll of 50mm x 45m Aluminium ducting tape. Used for securing ductin..

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