Flat Roof External Motors

Flat Roof External Motors For Ceiling Hoods
Kitchen Ceiling Extractors With external Flat Roof Motors

All the selected ceiling extractors listed below come with an external flat roof kit and motor unit, you only need to add a 6" ducting kit to these products, This outside motor unit is the very best on the UK market made of very high grade stainless steel, rust proof, weather proof and a massive 1200m³/hr motor unit.
Reduce any noise internally by adding an external motor unit, Luxair also produce external motors for Pitched Roofs and Wall Mounted applications.


Tolvi Round 90cm with Flat Roof External Motor

Tolvi Round 90cm with Flat Roof External Motor

Flat Roof External Motor Ceiling Cooker Hood Tolvi RND SS LA-90-TOLVI-RND-EXT-SS Round Ceiling..

£2,700.00 Ex Tax: £2,250.00

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