Ceiling Extractors With Ready Made Box

Ceiling Extractors with Ready Made Drop Box
Designer ceiling hood readymade box sections with LED lighting

Another UK first by Luxair, Designer ceiling extractor readymade quality steel box sections with built in LED lighting on the Anzi box option.
When it’s not possible to install your new ceiling extractor hood directly into your current ceiling, we at Luxair have now designed a readymade ceiling hood box that fits directly onto your current ceiling, you then simply install the ceiling hood into the box section, connect your ducting, lights and electrics without any fuss, this system is unique and very easy to install, “see our video on this product here”.

Mix and match your box section, if you choose the Anzi ceiling hood for example in white, you can choose the box section in either white, black or stainless steel, the white ceiling hood looks great in the black box, or the black ceiling hood in the white box, all the Anzi box sections have ready installed LED lights that are connected directly to the ceiling hood when installed, and operated by the remote control unit when you press the lights on button.

The Anzi ceiling cooker hoods are by far the best quality on the market and can be fitted into the smallest ceiling joist heights if you are not installing it into the box section, these hoods also boast the most powerful radial motors on the market .



Jupiter Ceiling  120cm x 50cm white

Jupiter Ceiling 120cm x 50cm white

JUPITER 1200mm x 500mm Ceiling Hood LA-1200-Jupiter Ceiling Hood   The JUPITER ceiling..

£1,050.00 £1,550.00 Ex Tax: £875.00

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